Private Label CBD Oil: High Grade Products At Competitive Prices

What is Private Label CBD Oil?

Private Label CBS Oil's manufactured through one specific company and then marketed under another companies brand name. This type of CBD oil offers customers a leading formulation made with high-quality industrial grade hemp at a lower trade price then it's competitors. This combination of quality and price gives customers a competitive advantage over their competitors. All private label CBD products get made in a GMP compliant facility that's registered by the FDA.

Private Label CBD Oil: Customization

Private Label CBD oil offers customers a 200 bottles of white label oils in a variety of traditional flavors such as watermelon, blueberry, orange, and cherry. White label oils range between 550 mg up to 5000 mg. In addition, customers can choose to customize their oils with unique flavors like Dazzling Ring Pop, Strawberry Tardy, Root Beer, and Loopy Fruits. These bottles start at 500 mg. More over, with private label CBD oil, customers may choose to use the CBD kitting option. With this option, customers decide what products they want and they'll receive a customized kit made to meet their exact specifications. Furthermore, customers can purchase CBD oil and isolates at wholesale if they're looking for raw materials and more in-depth customization options.

Additional Services

In addition to private label CBD oil, customers get access to a variety of other products such as skin care products, coffee, capsules and tinctures. Even more so, customers get access to a variety of CBD products for pets including oils, treats, and capsules. Each of theses products offer customization options and get made from the same high-grade hemp.

Satisfaction Guarantee

When purchasing Private Label CBD Oil, customers get the peace of mind knowing all products get backed by a satisfaction guarantee. If customers have any problems with their product they may send the product back for a new one or get their money back.